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klweaver 09-27-2013 08:59 PM

Siri nickname showing in someone else's contacts
Hello. My husband informed me tonight that a colleague asked him why my husband shows up on his iPhone as "insert funny nickname here." As a backstory, when my husband got his iphone 5 a year ago, my daughter and I made his Siri nickname something silly. It stayed on there until about a month ago when he asked us to change it to just his name. We did and I made sure that Siri was now calling him by his first name. I was totally shocked when my husband came home tonight and told me that this colleague has the old funny Siri name for my husband showing up on his phone. I have since completely deleted my husband's contact on his iphone and readded it. I also told went in to Siri and selected the newly entered contact for my husband. This funny nickname isn't appearing anywhere. I even sent a friend of mine a text from my husband's phone and his contact information to make sure that nothing looked "funny." She told me there is no reference to this nickname that we had previously put on his phone in either the text or the contact. My husband is concerned that someone else might also be seeing this "nickname" in their contacts as well. First, how would a Siri nickname even ever get into someone else's contacts anyway and second, how can we make sure it is really not going to be seen by anyone else in the future? Any suggestions or information is appreciated. I have scoured the internet looking for an explanation and can find none. Thanks!

mrplow 09-30-2013 09:19 AM

The name you supply to SIRI is held in the 'nickname' part of the Contact record. This contact record is inherently private and is not automatically shared (although it may be synced to iCloud etc). The only way it can get to another persons device is if it was shared. E.g. your husband sent his contact by iMessage/email etc to his colleague.

Just sending a normal text, iMessage, email does not send contact information. Only the appropriate ID, be that the phone number it's come from or the email address as appropriate.

Some device/software versions ignore the nickname field. It could be that your husbands colleague has had that contact record sat in his contacts for some time but hasn't had a device that would display it in everyday use. If he's upgraded his device and/or software lately that may explain why it has just 'appeared' recently.

klweaver 09-30-2013 09:31 AM

Thanks, MrPlow
Thanks for the reply. This makes me feel MUCH better. I hope this is just a one time thing. I found it VERY odd that my husband has had this iphone for a year now and the nickname sat on it for about 9 months without incident. I was really thrown when he sent me a text last week telling me what had happened, especially since the nickname had already been removed. Thanks again for the reply!:)

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