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Thread: iPhones Not Selling?

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    iPhones Not Selling?
    Who on earth predicted that? Another foot-in-the-mouth by Apple haters?

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    It's actually selling quite well!

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    They're selling like hotcakes around here Harry. The miracle is the local stores that sell them haven't run out of stock yet. The exception is the "Gold" colored iPhone 5C that seems to be as rare as real Gold!

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    It makes Wall Street look bad .

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    Bought one today myself. The Apple Store in Minnetonka, MN had a line of about 75 people waiting to get into the store. There was one Apple Store employee per customer which came to a rough count of 100 people inside the store at any given time. I was in and out in 25 minutes, including getting the $120 for my old iP4 trade in. I'd say Apple is doing just fine with this particular release so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by harryb2448 View Post
    Who on earth predicted that? Another foot-in-the-mouth by Apple haters?
    I know what you're saying Harry. Last week Apple Stock was heading downwards with the "experts" so called interpretations of the how the new iPhones would do.

    Of course the exact same folks that last week wrote these neg. articles...are now writing how well sales are.

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    Call me when Samsung (or anyone) can do that.

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    Meh, those "experts" probably all owned hundreds of buy options on Apple stock and made a bundle. that's how to get rich in the stock market. Gain some attention, make a bunch of false claims to the contrary of that you think will happen, buy call or put options to the contrary, make a bundle when the truth comes in.

    This is how Wall Street works
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