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    Messages (Saved) at 3.6 GBs
    I have an iPhone 4 with 3.6 GBs of "documents and data" that used to be listed as "other" before updating to iOS 7. I found under my usage that I have 3.6 GBs of "Messages (Saved)" which never goes down even after deleting all my messages and voicemails. Anyone know how to fix this? I do not want to jailbreak my phone.

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    No need to JB your iPhone, but you will probably need a third-party tool like iExplorer (there are other options as well I just can't think of their names offhand) which mount the iPhone like a thumb drive and let you tinker with files on a file level.

    BE CAUTIOUS that what you are deleting is indeed what you intend to delete, and that it's not a vital part of the iPhone's system. Make backups to be safe.

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