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    Need input on best way to get 5S tomorrow, either online or in stores.
    Clearly online is just a matter or going to the site, but does anyone have any previous experience and know approximately WHEN Apple will make it available to order? I heard 12am Pt, 3am ET. Does that sound right? I'd hate to wake up at 3am only to find it's already backordered 2 months.

    As far as locations, I've heard a lot of stories of people having luck just walking into certain big box retailers or carrier stores and picking one up with no line or waiting while hundreds are lined up at nearby Apple stores. If anyone has any input on where would be best to visit tomorrow morning (Best Buy, Target, Verizon/AT&T, etc) to get one, I'd appreciate your input. since it sounds like supplies will be very limited, which do you think would get the phone first/most: carriers retailers or big box stores?

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    I was able to walk into a Best Buy last year when it opened first thing that morning and get an iPhone 5.
    People may have caught on but if no line is outside the building theres a good chance.

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