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Thread: iPhone 4S or Lumia 920 - which one is better?

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    iPhone 4S or Lumia 920 - which one is better?

    I am looking to buy a new phone and my budget hovers around 300 euros.

    Now I am wondering whether an iPhone 4S, which I could get for something close to 300 euros, or a Lumia 920 -> Nokia Lumia 920 für 272 is better.

    What would you guys recommend?

    Talking technical, the specs of the Lumia are far better. But the iphone might have the better usability which could save time in everyday life.

    Anybody had the chance to compare these two phones?

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    Since the Lumia doesn't run iOS, this is IMO a no-brainer.

    Don't get me wrong, I think Windows Phone 8 is a great step in the right direction for the company.

    But there are no apps for it, it hasn't caught on, doesn't look like there's much future for it.

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    Nokia's switch to Windows Phone was a total last ditch effort to save itself. It hasn't worked out too well for them. They would've have greater success going with Android.

    While the hardware specs are one aspect of it, as Chas mentioned, the bigger aspect is the apps that you can use on this smartphone. Frankly, Windows Phone is trailing pretty badly behind Android & iOS.

    So you might want to consider comparing an iPhone 4S and whatever top-of-the-line Android phone fits your budget..

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    The 4S will run iOS7 and therefore have all the relevant updates for at least another year, and possibly beyond that. I am not sure how many more WinMob versions the Lumina will support.

    The Lumina has LTE, which is a huge plus IMO. If possible, wait just another couple of weeks, and Apple might be announcing a new iPhone, so the current iPhone 5 might drop to 4S prices and there is a strong rumor about a new lower cost phone. The iPhone 5 is far far superior to the Lumina and has double the RAM, a much faster processor and a better camera than the 4S as well as LTE.
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    Definitely iPhone, choose the latest iPhone too.

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    All smartphone purchases are personal choices. Each phone has their ups and downs. The iPhone has tremendous application support but on the downside, you get the most stagnant and (now) uninspired mobile operating system on the planet (to be fair, Google seems to be catching up in the "rest on our laurels" department). The Lumia 920 is a much larger phone and if you come from a large phone, this will feel more natural. Windows Phone 8 looks to be tremendous but if you plan to use varied applications, avoid it like the plague.

    Ultimately, the choice is up to you. I'd suggest trying each phone for yourself before making a decision.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vansmith View Post
    The iPhone has tremendous application support but on the downside, you get the most stagnant and (now) uninspired mobile operating system on the planet.
    With respect, this is an opinion you are trying to pass off as fact. Android hasn't changed much at all since it reinvented itself post-iPhone in my view -- the carrier or manufacturer "skins" are responsible for pretty much all the "variety" that has come since Android 2.x.

    By your definition, Windows Phone could also fit the charge of "uninspired" since its a slavish adaptation of Windows, which has been around for decades. The only thing original about it is the (admittedly strong effort) Metro skin.

    I'm probably the naive one, but I think (hope) that most people don't really make expensive buying decisions based on such vapid and superficial criteria as "this doesn't change for change's sake often enough" and instead value things like consistency, reliability and functionality -- which you can find in various quantities in all three main mobile OSes (and BlackBerry too, while we're at it).

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    What do you expect when asking an Apple forum if you should choose an iPhone or another phone?
    Personally, I would go with the Lumia. In my opinion, WP8 is many ways superior to iOS. It a very welcome refresh to the mobile OS world, its very different. Its not everybody's style, to be honest. Some love it, some hate it. Its very simple to use, much like iOS. Not as complicated as Android. Nokia's build quality is, like always, top notch. The camera is better than the iPhone's as well, especially in low light.
    If you're like me, and don't need a lot of apps, then you will be more than happy with what the WP store has to offer. Most of the big apps are there, and if not, you will probably find a good replacement.

    Keep in mind though, the Lumia is much larger. Some complain its too heavy because its 30g heavier than competing models. Seriously? Do you even lift? I find the weight to be in no way problematic. Makes the phone feel very high quality.

    And YES I have used both devices. To all the hardcore fanboys: Have fun hating on me for my personal opinion, couldn't really care less.

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