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    Why does my iPhone crash apps all the time?
    I recently upgraded from an LG android and now I'm feeling like I've down graded.

    1. Can't use Bluetooth to share files. Have to use external apps to do so. Crap. My android communicated with my MacBook Pro better than this.

    2. My wifi doesn't seem as strong and disconnects frequently.

    3. Can't go back. My android had a back button and my mac you can swipe back.. Seems like an easy feature to add.

    4.alot of apps don't run we'll with this phone a lot more crashes than I have ever experienced. Pokerstars is one there's no point in playing if it crashes all the time

    5. Actually more ergonomicly uncorrect than most other phones..

    I'm quite disappointed in this product. Forcing people to use apps like iCloud is rude I think. You should be alowed freedom to chose how your personal devices communicate with each other. Doesn't seem like much thought has gone into the practical design of this product. More effort gone into making it seem like its a big deal

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    Instead of complaining about it here (we are not affiliated with Apple) and if you're dissatisfied with your new iPhone, you have 14 days to return it, or whatever the return policy is with your carrier if you bought a subsidized version.

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    Sounds like you didn't do your research about iPhones before making the purchase. The issue of applications crashing is usually an application problem..

    It sounds like you were happy with Android phones, and you should probably return the iPhone and get another Android phone again..

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