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    Jul 29, 2011
    iPhoone 4S won't play music through dock
    I was recently given an iPhone 4S. I've reset it to factory and updated the firmware on my mac to 6.1.3 and charged it. It hasn't been unlocked by O2 yet - the giver is a bit slow with things. I've synched my itunes library to it and through headphones it plays fine.

    The problem is music won't play through my Pure dock, which is in theory compatible. My mate has an iPhone dock and it won't play through that either. His iPod classic plays through my dock as well as his, so the Pure dock is working OK.

    I don't think it is charging through the Pure dock either - the battery symbol would show movement if it was I think ??

    Following Pure's suggestions I've cleaned the connections turned it on and off holding the two buttons to get the white apple, set it to airplane mode etc. No difference.

    It's not been played through a dock before.

    Online stuff suggests this can be a problem but solutions offered amount to jailbreaking the phone - which I don't want to do unless there's no other way.

    Am I missing something here? It's hard to believe that Apple would make an iPhone that won't play through its own dock.

    Ideas very welcome. Thanks.

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    Jul 29, 2011
    Update. After fiddling with it in my mate's iPhone dock it worked. Still not in the Pure dock though.

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