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    Question Need important video on iPhone to go on PC
    That's all guys. I know it's probably easy but I've never done it. I have a video on my iPhone4S and when I sync my phone to my PC, the video/pics on my iphone are nowhere.... How can I find them and how do I get them on my PC? Please be specific as I'm a noob. Thank you so much. Very Important. Would appreciate help

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    Download it, install it, open it - then connect your iPhone and hit the import tab at the top - it may auto open for you. It's pretty self explanatory.
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    There are so many options here I could list them all evening.

    A few: if the file's not too big, email it; post it to dropbox; post it to flickr; post it to (more space than dropbox); upload to YouTube as a private video; so many other options.

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