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    Okay so I went from an iphone to an htc one then back to an iphone 5. Now in this process I my icloud has managed to triple every contact I have 1 being facebook contact, 1 being htc contact, and 1 being an actual contact with a phone number ( the other two just have contact name and maybe a picture). How do I delete all the contacts with no phone number attached to them instead of going through each individually because theres 1253 contacts......

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    You can sign into iCloud through a web browser and delete the extra contacts manually.

    If you're on a Mac, I'd say go your Contacts (formerly called Address Book) app, make a smart group with only those addresses that do NOT have a phone number and then delete those (or use the built-in duplicates finder). That should leave you with only contacts that do have a phone number. You then force a sync to iCloud, replacing the contents there with your local Mac Contacts. Change iTunes (with the iPhone 5 connected) to use only iCloud syncing for contacts, not local). Either of those methods should get rid of the problems.

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