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    Question Upgrade issue
    I have kind of a tricky situation and not sure if there is any way around it or what-- I'm deploying to Afghanistan 8 days before I am eligible to upgrade from my iPhone 4 and am wanting to get the iPhone 5. Mainly because I want more storage, 16 Gb is not cutting it plus the battery on this drains way too fast and I will be using it a lot there I'd think (no, location services, bluetooth and all of that is not on).
    I have been getting A LOT of flack from Verizon about possibly upgrading a whopping 1 week early and they just keep saying no it's impossible, which I don't believe. Do any of you fine people know a work around or some way to get this done before I leave? I appreciate any help, thanks!

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    Wow. That makes me kind of glad I did not change to them a few months ago. You may have already tried the following but here's the best thing I can think to do:

    1. If you were at one of their stores and told that by one of the salespeople ask to speak with the manager/supervisor.
    2. If that does not work I would contact them through Customer Service.

    Not a current Verion customer but have been in situations where someone from Customer Service was willing/able to do something that the store rep I talked to never even mentioned as possible. it might help if you can provide them with proof of deployment.

    BTW Do you have other viable options for a carrier? Sometime the threat of taking your business elsewhere makes these situations go a bit more in your favor.

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    No work around that I know of. The only thing I can suggest is try another Verizon store and maybe a customer rep who is more sympathetic can help you out. Otherwise, leave the phone with a family member and have them upgrade it for you and ship it to your APO address via insured registered mail.

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    Thanks for the replies! I have been to two stores in town and called about 4 different customer service reps at the national line. The store manager at #1 said only national can approve it, national said only store managers can approve it, store manager at #2 said that only authorized retailers like Radio Shack or whoever sells verizon service can do it. Run around big time... I have not tried the switching to another carrier threat though, that is a good idea!
    And, chscag, I was thinking that might be my final option to have my wife do it and ship it to me but that would put me in a bind not having a phone on the way there. Might just be stuck with a crap battery full storage iPhone 4 the whole time! Thanks for the help!

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    Might be worth buying a replacement battery for that iPhone 4, that might make it last till you can get the iPhone 5.

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