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    Lock button on iPhone 5 not very responsive (can or should I return)
    So after a few months of having my iPhone 5 I have just realized that the right side of the lock/sleep/wake button is not very responsive, left side works great but can be quite annoying. I was wondering if I should return and if I can, its past the 30 days and I don't have applecare. (No damage on my phone also, mint condition)

    Any thoughts?

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    Not a "Switcher" topic. Moved here to the correct forum.

    Your iPhone is still under warranty since it's only been several months since you purchased it. Take it back to Apple for them to look at. They will either give you a new one or a refurbished unit to replace yours. Apple refurbished products are like new so you shouldn't be concerned if they decide to handle it that way.

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    Oh, so even though I got the phone in December, its still under warranty? cool, thanks

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    I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. Mine began having the exact same issue after a about 4 months of use. I just don't want to end up with a bum lock button in a couple years and no warranty replacement. Thanks for posting.

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    My friend has had the same problem on his 5, he has had it replaced 3 times sense he got it in December and has finally got one that doesn't act up. I have had my 5 sense it came out and haven't had any problems with it. I would contact apple and have them check it out/ replace the phone under the complementary one year warranty.

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