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    One Stop Shop for iPhone Parts
    Hi all

    I've Googled without satisfactory results. What I'm looking for is a one stop shop/website where I can buy and get delivered all iPhone 3, 4 and 5 replacement parts in the UK or US/China if they deal with UK residents with fast delivery. Even better would be a reputable company that would invoice monthly that I could build up a rapport with.

    I know there are lots of companies on Ebay/Amazon, can anyone recommend any of these who have all parts regularly in stock and fast delivery? Perhaps something like Crucial do for RAM and HD's???

    Does such a site exist?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Try either or both or

    - Powerbookmedic
    - iFixit

    Both sites sell a wide range of parts for iPhones.

    - Nick
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    Many thanks for the reply Nick. I knew about iFixit but not Powerbookmedic so thank you very much.

    Anyone else know of any similar websites that ship from within the UK. If there isn't one I'm off to China to stock up and start one in UK :-)


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    Hello Raff

    Try the website, but it is from China not from UK.

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