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    I have a friend who was given a iPhone 4. He has never owned one before. The phone is unlocked previously Optus. He has a post paid Telstra account and a mobile he now owns (paid off on 2 year plan). He would like to use the iPhone with his existing Telstra number and plan. He does not have iTunes on his PC and is still running windows XP.
    What does he need to do?

    I suggested first download iTunes for 32 bit XP. Set up an iTunes account.
    Go to Telstra and get a replacement micro sim. Follow their instructions to set up then plug in to iTunes on his computer and restore as a new phone.
    Is this correct? Does he need to erase it first?

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    I'm not at all familiar with Australian telcos, but like all other carriers they SHOULD be able to port the number over to the new device with no trouble at all on request.

    Your suggestion for him to use 32-bit iTunes for XP was a good one. iTunes will handle the erasing if any needs to be done.

    Also tell him to check out Apple's website for help in figuring out the iPhone (which is pretty intuitive but he may need to "unlearn" a few things): Apple (Canada) - iPhone 4S - Learn helpful iPhone tips and tricks.

    (some features, like Siri, are exclusive to the iPhone 4S and/or iPhone 5. Just ignore those)

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