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    Mar 24, 2013
    Post Iphone 4 locked to japan sfot bank
    Hi i have a ipohne 4 locked to japasn sfotbank.Plz advise me is thsre any optin to unlock it.Pls bcoz i my frnd has purchased it for me it's very important .Pls i want to support from u guys.Pls.


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    Tell us what version of the OS you are currently running on this iPhone 4 that is locked to Softbank. If it is running iOS 5 or 6, there isn't a known unlock.

    However, just as here in Canada where I live, there are probably two ways around this:

    1. Pay a specialist to do a factory unlock for you. If I did this here I would expect to pay about $100 or so.

    2. Ask Softbank to unlock it for you. Many carriers (not all, but most in North America) will unlock an iPhone for a smaller fee. Usually they will require that you have completed your contract, but some companies only require that you have been a customer for 90 days (sometimes a bit longer). I do not know what Softbank's unlocking policy is but it can't hurt to visit a company-owned outlet (not a reseller) and ask.

    I hope that helps.

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    Mar 24, 2013
    Post Iphone unlcked to Japana Softbank
    Hello Sir,

    I am in India is it possible to unlock through imei number.and the number is - 012417001536319. Pls advise me.And my iphone is running on 4.0


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    If your iPhone 4 is running iOS 4 then you should be able to unlock it yourself. Please see here for instructions:

    iClarified - Unlock Wizard

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