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    shut off iphone 5 during airplay apple tv?
    As the title states, I'm wondering if there is anyway to shut off my iphone screen while connected to my hdtv via lightning av hdmi connector or using airplay (apple tv) so I don't waste the screen life on my iphone 5. I'm trying to do this while watching videos or netflix.


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    I am not near an Apple TV to test, but -- the sleep button? Or just let the screen go to sleep on its own (settings)?

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    Oct 04, 2012
    Seriously, nobody out there has tried this? I don't currently have an apple tv and I sent my lightning av cable back because I couldn't shut off screen while connected to tv. It'd be nice to know if I can shut off screen while connected to either one of these devices. If not standard maybe a jailbreak way to do it? I don't want to go that route, but I'll try anything at this point.

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    Just how many years are you planning on using that iPhone.

    The screen will last for years. Am currently still using two 4 yr old iPhones.
    Am still using an LCD monitor that I bought in 2001.
    There is no point in worrying about the screen life.
    While there is the occasional screen that dies for one reason or another,
    For most people the screen is going to outlast the usefulness of the device.

    If you are streaming via Airplay - not mirroring - press the power/sleep button on the top of the phone once you've begun streaming.
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