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    Question Can I replace iPhone with iPad 3G
    I like the iPhone it is convenient. I have an iPhone 4
    I don't call anyone except my wife really. Mostly I use Facebook, Instagram, the camera, I use to like the maps but that changed. I check lots of email from work. And txt... Again mostly my wife.

    So it's fair to say I like it. But doing anything like web browsing on it is annoying. The screen is too small for most things games, movies, signing up to Mac forums. . And the AT&T grandfathered unlimited plan has risen over the years to almost 200 a month. I could have a really reasonably priced car for that. Or better healthcare.

    iPad. Never got the point of a big iPhone until I bought one for ....yea, her. I got the iPad Mini. So far I love it and it fits in my hand better than the Maxi IPad. If this thing had 3G (it doesn't ...maybe when I buy one for myself) would I be able to do all the things I do on the iPhone? Facebook,Instagram, email, and txt (txt pictures as well) from the iPad 3G?

    Could I then replace my iPhone with a basic cell phone? What functionality would I loose by not having an iPhone to go with the iPad. I.e. I notice you can receive txt on the iPad with wifi. Is that dependent on my number being associated with an iPhone? Anything I should know?

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    It's up to you of course, but yes, an iPad with cellular capability (4G LTE) can basically do everything the iPhone can do except make and receive phone calls. I own an iPad 3 with 4G LTE (Verizon) and use it for those things you stated above. I have an ordinary cell phone with T-Mobile which I use.

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