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    iCloud space - am I being thick?
    Hi all,

    My iPhone is saying I cannot back-up to iCloud anymore because I don't have enough space (see image below). It says the last back-up was 9th of Feb (UK date format). It says last back-up was 4.3Gb and Next back-up 4.3Gb with an ! in a warning triangle also saying I require additional 3.7Gb. Huh? My iPad (hardly use it) is backed up on the same cloud but takes just 150mb of space and is still backing up daily. It says I have 544Mb free. Where is it getting the 3.7Gb from? My apps that i've left on to back-up total probably 150 to 200mb tops, so it should be camera roll 4.1Gb + apps 200mb = 4.3gb like it says! What's going on? Am I missing something? I'd love to back-up asap so please help if you can!

    Many thanks!

    P.S. I know turning off camera roll isn't a terrible idea as photostream is 'sort-of' a back-up but I'd just like to solve this.

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    Firstly I'd copy the camera roll contents onto you PC or Mac if you haven't already.

    From the screenshot, it doesn't look like you should be getting the warning but perhaps it's got a different set of images/videos backed up ? I.e. it's not the same stuff in the backup so it wants to backup the majority of the camera roll.

    Once you have all your stuff backup up on your PC or Mac and your happy you have a copy of everything you need (maybe backup to iTunes for belt and braces). Then delete the iCloud backup it has already and start afresh

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    I find that cleaning out camera roll fixes warnings like that.
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