Im looking for my first iPhone 4S case.

There are so many to choose from, would you guys still recommend this case, has something's newer and better came out? I want the lowest profile that offers the best protection, this appears to be it, not crazy about the exterior logo though.

Most of the reviews found for this case are dated but in many ways it looks to be perfect, the only thing that looked flawed was the flash but now I see tihis case is available in black and that's the color I planned on buying and that the flash issue was with a metallic white case, would black still have the flash issue? I'm guessing it wouldn't since you guys were using sharpies at the time to solve your flash issues?

The only other issue was how hard it was to get this case off, but once I put it on it's not something I ever plan to take off so I don't see that as an issue.

Looking forward to feedback!