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    will apple replace my iphone?
    i jailbreaked yesterday and i noticed that my down volume button wasnt working, i restored and everything and nothing.... the button sounds like its in the right place so i dont know whats going on... i've never dropped my phone or scratched it... this is the 3rd or so replacement i've gotten from apple. im going to the store and tell them the issue would they replace it? it is still underwarranty

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    Hi and welcome to M-F
    Im sure if its not working as it should and the Genius cant find a way to fix it, your in your right to get another phone if its still in warranty.
    At the end of the day, you wont know until you have your appt and then its only Apple that will be able to tell you if they will swap it out

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    Is my iPhone defective or not?
    Well earlier today I couldn't lower the volume. But now that in laying down in bed I could. When the iPhone is facing up the button to lower the volume does nothing but when it's facing down or to the sides it works. Wtf?

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    That does not sound like a mechanical defect to me. I would suggest turning the iPhone actually OFF (power down), and if that doesn't clear up the issue I'd look into doing a reset (after, obviously, a full backup so you can easily restore it).

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    I already tried all of that. I have to hold the phone at a specific angle for the negative volume button to work..

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    Okay, I take back what I said. Thanks for explaining what you've done, I'd say there is something mechanically wrong. Any chance of sand having gotten in there?

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    I'm sure they would replace it if they cannot fix it. I would restore completely to remove the jailbreak before you bring it in. Apple frowns upon jailbreaking.

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    Well if it was me, the best way to save my iphone is to do a Reset. But it's up to you

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