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    My buddy just got a new laptop, it's windows, I have no clue how to use windows any more since the last time I used it the operating system was windows 95 and it came with the buddy holly weezer video. That being said. He just downloaded iTunes to his new lap top. We plugged his phone in and I went to change the settings to where it was manually manage music instead of auto sync and apply the changes, it said he was synced with another library and I had to erase the iphone and sync with the new library. I'm worried this will lose everything and not be able to get it back, contacts, pics, apps, etc. Any way to allow him to start using this new laptop with his phone without erasing it? Thanks so much.


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    The easiest way is to transfer the iTunes library from his old machine to the new one. Once that's done his phone will just sync like it did before

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