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    30pin to lightning?
    Hello forums,

    I'm in need of a 30pin to lightning adapter... well not need, but would like. I'm considering buying a iOS dock to support my iPad and iPhone, but the problem is I own an iPod touch 3rd generation.

    I don't wanna upgrade it because it's my 'expendable' unit. I use it with my car stereo, hiking, jogging, working out, etc. It's abused, but loved. I could still be in the 'romance' period of my new iPhone 5, but I am hesitant to use it for a media player at the moment especially since I already have an iPod.

    Plus there's this displeasure buying the older dock to support my newer phone and iPad then strapping an adapter to it that has a lot of compatibility issues with cases.

    Any suggestions?
    MacBook Pro-R, iPad 4th Gen, iPhone 5

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    I have bought a few from Amazon - so far I have good luck with what I have gotten. (I've gotten ~8 of them and so far I have tried 4 of them and they all work)

    They were $3-$5 USD on Amazon - I don't remember which ones - but I figured I would buy a bunch of them and even if they didn't work - it would be the same price as 1 real one from apple.

    The other choice is a bluetooth adapter - which I have also gotten. Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver for Bose Sounddock / Beatbox / Phillips / JBL and other dock stations - 30pins (Black): MP3 Players & Accessories
    Also works with the dock style devices as long as they have power.

    I don't know of anything that goes the other way - but I also don't know of any currently available lightning docks (but I haven't done an extensive search either)

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