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    Possible to "jam" iphone voice recording?
    I work in a family owned business. One of the "heirs" also works here and has the habit of recording EVERYTHING with his iphone. In meetings it's on the desk recording. In private conversations with other co-workers (including C-Level people) the recording is constant.

    One of those C-Level guys came to me and asked if there was a device he could purchase that would jam the ability for the iphone to do these recordings. I said I'm not sure, but it didn't sound likely. I'm aware there are tools that can be used to shut down cell signal, but that's a different can of beans altogether.

    So I pose the question to you guys. If such an animal exists, I feel confident this group knows about it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    As far as I know there is no current way to do this since apple products are so locked down. Typically I do not like the way that apple handles this in terms of closing off their OS, but for security reasons and monitoring users it is extremely effective. Because of this I doubt that you will be able to do this unless you can play some tone or something that messes with the mic but that would be hard to do and I'm not sure if that's possible.

    Anyways, I did a couple searches because I was interested in this myself and here are some threads and articles I found that could serve as interesting reads and may lead to other information pertaining to your issue:

    How to block recording devices

    Hacking Iphones

    Remote controlling iphones {thread}

    Another on hacking iphones

    Good luck on your search for information!


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    I'm professionally trained as an electrical and electronics engineer. Unfortunately the only way you can accomplish this is either by physically muffling the sound, or damaging the device.

    Depending on what state you're in, this heir may need everyone's permission to record conversations... Federally speaking, only one participant needs to know, but it sounds as if he isn't hiding this from anyone. If it's used for business purposes then I don't believe, at least legally, you can do anything.

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