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    Should I get an iPhone 5 or an iPad Mini?
    I've been wanting to give myself a holiday gift, and I still haven't bought anything because I can't decide whether I want to get the iPhone 5 or an iPad Mini.

    Right now I have a 16GB iPhone 4S and an iPad 2. There is almost no memory left on my iPhone, so that is why I was thinking of upgrading to the 32GB iPhone 5. I also really like the look of the new white iPhone. If I got the iPhone 5, I'd sell the phone I have right now.

    I have an iPad 2, which I use mainly to read books and magazines, and to watch stuff on my Netflix and HBO Go apps. The reason I want an iPad Mini is that it's a lot lighter and therefore more comfortable to carry on commutes. I would still continue using my iPad 2 at home, but the Mini would be more of a travel device.

    Now for the pricing. I don't qualify for an upgrade right now, so I'd have to pay $550 for the phone. The Mini would cost $329.

    Both devices have their advantages, and I really can't decide! Some feedback would be great.

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    Thread moved to more appropriate sub-forum. Not a "Schweb's Lounge" topic.


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    Should get both and send me one of them. It can be a surprise on which one you give me.

    What do you have on your iPhone 4S that it is full? I think the easiest and most cost effective solution would be get rid of some stuff. Not buy a new phone.

    I like the iPad mini. In fact I love it so much I bought a 64 GB model and gave my 16GB model away for Christmas.

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    The main thing taking up space is my music. It is taking up 8.9 GB on its own. I was thinking of somehow just minimizing my usage on my phone, but I have to admit, I'm really attracted to the 5...

    I went to the Apple store yesterday an I was seriously amazed by how light the Mini is though. I've always been jealous of Kindle and Nook users because they can comfortably hold their tablets with one hand while they stand on the train or the bus. Meanwhile, I have to struggle holding my iPad 2. Still, I'm not totally sure that this issue warrants my getting a whole new one.

    Indecision, indecision!

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    $550 would get you a 32GB iPhone 5, or you could get a 32GB iPad mini for $429

    I would get the iPad mini (32GB) and sell the iPad 2 on here, then put the money from the iPad 2 towards a 32GB iPhone 5 Whenever you have the money together.

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    I'm a fan of both as they do have one or two features that makes them stand out from previous models. I find the Mini a bit more 'user friendly' in terms of holding it whilst out and about and the 5 looks fantastic, but do you really need the 5?

    If it were me, i'd stick with your current IPhone, you're not missing out on much with the 5 IMO, have a good clear-out and get the Mini.

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    Get both and treat yourself!

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    I would suggest you to get an iPhone 5 ..its amazing...It has bigger screen and also weight is very light. Also get nice iPhone 5 Leather cases ...that will not only protect the phone well also will looks fabulous.

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    If you already have an iPhone then I think it's best if you buy an iPad Mini. I also agree with richard to buy a screen protector and I suggest a leather case for iPad.

    P.S if you can afford both, then go. hihihi. Or better yet sell your old iPhone 4s and iPad2 then buy iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Whatchuthink?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickw View Post
    Get both and treat yourself!
    Exactly. You seem like a nice person.

    Get a Subsidized iPhone 5 (AT&T/Verizon/Sprint)
    And a Wi-Fi iPad mini!

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    Get the mini and keep the 4s. If you get an itch to upgrade the phone wait until the next release or when you next qualify for an upgrade.

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    I would get an iPhone 5 and later invest in an iPad. Best of both worlds!

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