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    Unhappy iphone 4 in recovery mode
    Whilst upgrading my Wife's iPhone 4 to the latest OS (6.something), an error occurred and now itunes says that it detects a phone in recovery mode. I don't think that the photos or contacts are backed up to our computer, so if I restore to factory settings (which it suggests is the only option) will she lose everything on the phone? Is there an alternative?

    Secondly, as we both have iPhones with different contacts, is there a way to back up both to the same Mac and keep the contacts as separate entities? Further, assuming she doesn't lose all of her photos, is there a way to download them to iPhoto? There seem to be too many for this task to complete, every time we've tried it it has never completed. I've just bought her a Mac Book Pro for Christmas, so may well use this to back up her phone in future.

    Many thanks, and Happy Christmas!

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    Just make one account for you, and one for her to keep contacts and everything seprate.

    My iPod touch got stuck in recovery mode and an hour later, it randomly pulled itself out and turned on normal. May happen to you. Who knows??

    To back up to iPhoto, just plug in the iPhone (If it **IS NOT** in recovery mode), and open iPhoto. It will ask you if you want to import the pictures.

    Try holding in the home and power button in at the same time. An apple logo will appear. **DO NOT RELEASE THE BUTTON** The apple logo will disapear, continue holding both buttons in. When another apple logo appears, continue holding, and 4 seconds after it comes back up, release. This SHOULD fix it.


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