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    Iphone 5 Battery-- Is this excessive battery depletion
    I am a new iphone user and just got my iphone 5 recently. From those who have used and are familiar with iphone battery life, please comment if this is normal. I left my phone in standby and turned off both wi-fi and cellular internet. I had a phone that lasted 2 min at most and my battery % dropped 1% lower. I then turned on w-fi and checked my email and went on 2 sites and my battery dropped a % every 1-2 min. Is such activity normal for iphones? Before the update, my battery used to drop less, but I was just wondering if maybe my battery is defective or something. I have taken all of the suggested battery precautions by limiting advertisements, closing all background programs when not in use, lessening brightness. Thanks.

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    Please do not cross post or post the same question to more than one forum. This forum is the correct place for your question, not tagged on to a Rumor thread. Your other post has been removed.

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