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Thread: IPhone 5 music app is not scrolling?

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    IPhone 5 music app is not scrolling?
    I got the iphone 5 since when it first came out. At first i decided to sync all of the back up data from itune including all the old music, apps, and videos from my iphone 4. Ever since, when i go to the music app and scroll down to look for the song at the very bottom, it laggs and become unresponsive

    I made an appointment to the apple store and they reset everything to factory setting. They said that it was not scrolling is because I sync it from my back up data. so i got home and sync in my music and videos through itune instead of using the backup data. It still laggs when i scroll down to the very bottom of the song list.

    Next, i made another appointment and explained that I did everything correctly and it still laggs. They decided to replace it with a new iphone 5. They also said that it was because of the corrupted music file that was syncing. So i made another attempt to clean all of the corrupted music and deleted from my music app using "Mp3 scan and repair". However, i still have a problem with scrolling in the music app. It is still laggin go this day and i could not find any solution in the internet.

    does anyone have a suggestion or a solution to this problem? it seems like i am the only one who has this problem.

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    It does sound very much like it's the files at fault.

    It's a labourious task but why not transfer your music over bit by bit and try and narrow down the point of failure

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