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Thread: iPhone Photo backup question

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    iPhone Photo backup question
    OK, so... I have had iPhones siince the 3G days and have enjoyed every bit of them. I've tried to make use of as many features as I can on them and absolutely love them. In the early parts of 2010, I upgraded my 3G to the new 4G to see what new bells and whistles I could play around with. It has been an awesome toy to play with all this time. Especially since I have a little 7 month old wingman at home. It comes in handy to freeze those special moments in time with a cam/vid cam right in your phone.

    Unfortunately, that 4G finally bit the dust about 3 weeks ago. AT&T told me they could not do anything about it. Apple told me they could not revive it and that I needed to replace. This meant that I lost all the photos I had in it. I went ahead and upgraded to the 4S

    I try and download all the photos from my phone periodically (maybe every 2 months or so) for such a reason that my phone may crap out. But, it is just not feasible to download every single day. Losing photos/data like this is the risk we take for not backing up daily.

    As luck would have it, that NEW 4S experienced a similar "crap out" but it did recover. I immediately took it back to AT&T for a replacement considering it was supposed to be new and it already showed a similar issue. AT&T gave me a new phone but I did lose my photos for those 3 weeks. I should have downloaded the photos before going back to AT&T. That was MY bad.

    This brings me to my question...

    I've been researching cloud services as a way for ensuring any photos taken from my phone (or wife's phone for that matter) get immediately stored elsewhere to avoid losing photos as I've now experienced twice. iCloud, Box, Amazon, Google, etc... they all appear to store data and such. They just look to be so complicated.

    Any of you iPhone users doing anything cloud-based that would serve my purpose? I want something that would take any photos from my phone (or wife's phone) the moment it is snapped and immedately place a copy of it on the cloud storage that I can access and download any time I want from wherever I am. Heck, if it was really user friendly, I may even use that service for storing my entire photo library and other data (I currently carry around an external drive).

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Forgot to mention.. something I do NOT want.

    I download apps now and then to play around with and see if I like them or not. Some of them I like and I keep. Others I don't like and delete. Somehow, my wife's phone is receiving a copy of any app I download. I don't know what I (or she) did to the phone for this to happen but I do not like it cause a lot of those apps end up being "a waste of time" and I delete from my phone but she is always asking me what is this and what is this.

    So, what I do not want in this service is for it to be sendiing copies of anything from the service down to our phones. All I want is for it to get copies of photos/data from our phones but do not push copies down to our phones. make sense?
    2008 Alum MacBook: 13", 2.4GHz, 4GB, 750GB, Snow Leopard
    2011 iMac: 27", 2.7Ghz QC, 4GB, 1TB, Mtn Lion

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    Reminder: Please include your Mac's specs. This will make it much easier for the other members to assist you.

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    You both also have to be using the same iTunes account for your wife to be getting the apps downloaded that you choose. Set her up with her own account.

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