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Thread: iPhone 3GS Repair Help

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    iPhone 3GS Repair Help
    Hello all

    I am posting this out of interest rather than desperation. Just curious and it's become my 'little project' lol.

    I got my old iPhone 3GS (A1303) out of the cupboard the other day and the back was bulging out like it was about to explode. I searched Google and found this was common issue with iPhone batteries just left turned off for a month or so. At this point it was still working but kept dropping WIFI and sometimes not recognising the SIM. It's locked to O2 UK.

    So as it was pretty much worthless i decided to have a go and replace the battery, got a new one off e-bay (genuine) and all the tools which i'm pleased to say I succeeded and battery is 100%. Camera, WIFI, Display, LCD, Settings all OK, updated to iOS6 OK, then, it just reboots every 2-3 minutes. When it reboots it just says 'Searching........' where O2 UK should be.

    My problem is that it still won't recognise the SIM and just says 'Connect to iTunes' which i have then iTunes says there is a problem with it and take it to Apple. It now won't even load to the home page just stuck on 'Welcome to iOS6' and "Connect to iTunes', so i can't even get into the settings now. Took it to Apple and they basically weren't interested as it wasn't under warranty. I've had Apple products for 20 years, when did they become so up their own ****? But that's a subject for another forum.

    It is obviously something to do with the battery expanding and maybe damaging to logic board??? But i don't know.

    Things I've tried:

    Taking SIM out and trying other O2 SIM cards
    DFU mode (holding down Home & On button) but it just reboots
    When i tap on the iOS6 welcome page the IMEI does not come up, Just a blank blue box
    As i replaced the battery i have double checked all the connections etc. etc. and they are fine
    Checked the little brass/gold tab is seated properly touching the metal bezal. I read that's for the reception. It 'looks' OK but maybe it's not.

    I'm sure it's something to do with the logic board but my knowledge of these is ZERO. I would like to fix it just out of interest having never even opened one until this 'Project'!!! If it doesn't cost too much is it possible to replace the logic board? Would this even help? SIM card reader? GSM Signal Connector?

    Hope someone can help. 1000 kudos points to anyone who helps and a Hail Mary!!!!!


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    Thanks for the replies!!!! I changed the dock connector and it works like new


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