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    Giving a used iPhone4 to my friend: will it work for her?
    Hello everybody

    Quick question, I just updated my phone to an iPhone 5 and I want to give my old iPhone 4 to my friend who lost her iphone months before. It's an AT&T phone and she has AT&T.

    Will she be able to reactivate it with her information? If so, how?

    Thanks, I hope everybody has a good thanksgiving.

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    Yes. When you activated your new phone, your old one was deactivated on your account and free to be given (or sold) to someone else. The sim stays in the 4 since you can't use it in the 5 anyways, and she'll just have to contact AT&T or go into the store and have them activate it on her account. There's probably an activation fee she'll have to pay. Should be pretty straight-forward, though.
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    Great, thanks!!!

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