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    How do I use iPhone as Wifi Phone only (e.g. Google voice or Skype)

    I was given an iPhone 4. It still has a phone number in its memory, but it has no phone/data/text service. This suits me fine as I don't want any of that. All I want is to be able to use this phone at WiFi Hotspots to use Google Voice or Skype to make phone calls. I tried using both last night from a residential WiFi and calls "failed". Can anyone help me figure out a way make VOIP calls without paying for a phone service?

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    For Skype, were you using the Skype client? If so, that should work fine. Do a test against the Test user to see if that goes through, record your message once connected and confirm all that sounds OK..
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    You could take the SIM card out.

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