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    Decent cheap(er) USB leads?
    I bought these from amazon and they are too cheap, and fail to make a good connection on the USB end, so they are too cheap. I don't mind paying a bit more for leads that work properly.

    2 X Apple iPad 2 & iPad & iphone 4S iPhone 4 3GS 3G USB: Electronics

    Any pointers? Like, £1 - £3 or so? UK obviously

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    Try Google.
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    Its not the price, I need real feedback on quality, anyone can sell "quality" iphone cables and be talking out of their ***.

    I'm asking if members here have succesfully bought non-apple sync leads that were of good quality

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    I've gone through probably 30 or more of those cables in the last 6 years. imho, Apple cables are not worth their price as they don't last any longer than anyone else's cables.

    What I have found for longest lasting and best chance of success with brand new cables - look at the ratings.

    Pretty much all the cheapest cables are going to have 1:1 ratios of 5 star to 1 star ratings - like the ones in your link - don't buy those - they are junk.

    Look for the little more expensive, but still cheap - perhaps these - with a minimum 4:1 ratio.

    But, look at the ratings. Just because they are more expensive, doesn't mean they'll be any better.

    In my experience, 1/3 to 1/2 of the $1 cables here in the U.S. don't work from day 1 or fail almost immediately afterward. You'll be purchasing new cables 2-3 times a year even if you buy them 2 at a time. Follow the ratings numbers and you should find that reduced to once every year or two.

    And don't buy 1 cable at a time. Get em 2 at a time minimum and order more when you open your last one. I order em 3-4 at a time, although I have 6 locations where I charge and keep a minimum of 1 spare at work and at home.
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