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Thread: bottom part of iphone 3g not working

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    Nov 03, 2009
    bottom part of iphone 3g not working
    I accidently dropped my phone on the floor a few days ago and straight away the bottom part of my screen no longer works. i can slide the screen lock bar across but when i try and check my phone/email/internet i can not click on them. I read somewhere that its the digitaliser if my memory is correct (not totally sure) is broken. Can sombody please let me know so i can then try and repair my phone.

    thank you very much


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    Nov 03, 2009
    after reading a few trouble shooting thingys on the above issue i had a fiddle around and tweaked the (3) cable and it all came back to life - WOHOO - short lived though.

    It has now gone back to before, i think the issue could be where the ribbon (3) goes into the little clamp with the black lever to pull it down, a bit of the top part has snapped of. My question is, if this is the case, which i think it is, can you buy new clampy things, and if so how in gods name do you attach them to the circuit board? or do i have to buy a new circuit board.

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