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Thread: iPhone 4S safari autofill data

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    iPhone 4S safari autofill data
    Is there anyway to get my 'autofill' data transferred from my iPhone onto my Macbook?
    I have an issue with forgetting passwords, reseting them on my iphone which thens gets 'out-of-sync' with my mac (or vice versa).

    I dont like writing passwords down, and the ones now stored in my iphone do not transfer onto my mac when syncing.

    Is there a solution for this?

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    You need a password manager. We recommend "1Password" which will work on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It keeps track of your passwords and other vital data. Go here to learn more and download - purchase.

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    +1 for 1Password and also look at getting a Dropbox account for drama free syncing between Mac and iOS device.
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