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Thread: iPhone 5 Charging Issue

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    iPhone 5 Charging Issue

    Has anyone experienced any problems charging the iPhone 5? When I hook up my iPhone 5 to the charger included with the packaging, or to my MacBook Pro, it charges. However, if I move it slightly or position it differently, it stops charging and I hear the disconect sound. I have to reconnect the conecter to the phone for it to resume charging. I have found that it charges without a problem if held, but if laid on a desk it easily disconnects.

    I had plugged it in overnight and left it on my drawer. It was charging when I went to bed, but I woke up to find it only charged to 35%.

    It does it when plugged in the wall charger, my iPad charger extender and my computer.

    Perhaps this is an issue with the cable its self, maybe mine is faulty, and not the phone. I tested the cable and sometimes just a light touch would cause it to stop charging / disconnect.

    Has anyone experiecned an issue similar to mine?

    Thank You!

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    What that sounds like to me is either the cable (Most Likely) or the new Lightning plug/jack. I would try a new cable and if it still does this, take it to Apple.

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    Yeah it seems as though the cable is faulty. I'll head out to the nearest Apple store and see what they say.

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