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    No inter on iphone 3g after change of back cover
    Hi everybody,

    I hope you guys can help with this, because I really feel stuck. I bought an iphone for my deaf sister so we can talk trough skype (sign language). I had to change the back cover because it was old and broken. Everything went fine (I beleived) but when I remounted it the iphone connected to the internet (I get the wifi icon) but I can't open a page on safari. In the network settings I can see an IP address, The sub network mask but there is nothing after router or in the DNS field.
    I thought that i broke the wifi antenna so I bought another one and changed it, but I have the same result. I double checked that everything was well connected and I'm pretty sure it is.

    I tryed to reset the settings: nothing.

    I resinstalled IOS: nothing.

    I have installed "Mywii" (the app from cydia) to see if I could create a hotspot but I can't so maybe the chip is broken.

    What do you think?

    I found a video of a guy hairblowing his iphone on youtube, and it seems to work for some people, do you think it's true? Does this apply for my problem?

    how to Fix iphone 3g/3gs WIFI 100% workin n i gurantee.flv - YouTube

    there is also this video but I have no idea where my problem comes from:

    Fix Your iPhone Wifi in under 30 minutes! - YouTube

    Thanks you all in advance for your precious help,

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    Sep 03, 2012
    Nobody has an idea?

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