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    Restoring From iTunes Back-up Put Everything BUT My Music on iPhone :(
    I created an iTunes back-up of my iPhone 4S before updating to iOS 5.1.1 through the phone.

    Good thing I did too, because something seemed to go wrong and the phone went into recovery mode and the dreaded "connect to iTunes" picture pops up. I keep my cool (because I have a back-up) and do the update + restore through iTunes.

    Once that's done I restore from the iTunes backup I created beforehand. My contacts, text messages, pictures, and apps all come back successfully, but my music is nowhere to be found.

    Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought your music was supposed to come back on your phone after restoring it from an iTunes backup?

    All hope is not lost since my iTunes library is fine, but my music was set up a certain way on my phone and it's gonna be irritating redoing everything.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I'm a little confused by this. Your music is (obviously) still on the iTunes from which you sync your iPhone, so you've lost nothing.

    Are you talking about custom playlists or something?

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    iTunes iPhone backups don't include music and apps. This would duplicate what you already have in iTunes.

    All you should need to do is Sync your iPhone and iTunes will copy the apps and music back across

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