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    Are applecare replacement iphones refurbished?
    I ask this because I went to the apple store yesterday and got a replacement phone for my 4s that I broke, upon receiving the phone I asked bluntly if the replacement phones are refurbished because frankly I just don't trust apple.

    when I got home, i noticed that the color on the screen was very washed out and had almost a yellow tint to it. I thought it could have been just my eyes, but i compared it to two of my friend's phones and they agreed that the resolution was visibly tainted. Has anyone else had this problem?

    btw this is my first post, and I joined this site for the purpose of asking the question, so i apologize if it has been brought up before.

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    They usually are.

    If yours has a replacement tint, take it back and get another.

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    This is true for almost all manufacturers by the way. Not just apple. All in all, it's generally not a big deal (refurb units are qc'd again generally), but as above... If its not right, bring it back. Things do happen.
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    This is true for almost all manufacturers by the way.
    Yep. From the least inexpensive cell phone to an expensive iPhone. It's an industry standard. The difference, however, is that a refurbished unit from Apple is generally the same as a new one. Yours was a quirk and as stated, take it back and get another.

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    Just to add, I have a 3GS which I have used for 18 months and my wife then used for 6 months and there has been no discolouring of the screen. I've never heard anyone having that problem. I think you were just unlucky so, like the guys say, take it back to the store and get another.

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