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    Okay, so today at work -while I was washing dishes- I realized that my iPhone 4 was in one of my apron pockets and that water might've sprinkled into the pocket and immediately took it out and put it in my jeans pocket. Well a few hours later when I got into my car I decided I wanted to play some music through the aux. well for some reason I wasn't able to because my phone was showing that it was still on dock settings and wouldn't raise or lower the volume. Though my music was still playing I wasn't getting any sound. When I got home I reset my iPhone, and restored it, and turned it off, etc.. I even put my phone on the dock and it worked like a charm. But when I took it off it still showed it was on the dock.. I made sure that my phone wasn't wet or anything. But for some reason it still doesn't want to play or even make a sound. What should I do?

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    Get a can of air and blow the dock connector out and then take a q tip and pull most of the cotton off and clean out the headphone jack. That should work.

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