Hey guys. I have use my iPhone for GPS on a daily basis for work. I travel to a different destination 5 days a week via Motorbike, I use my iPhone as navigation too.

Today I have gone out and luckily I knew where I was going anyway and just wanted TomTom to alert me about Traffic.

But I travelled about 0.5mi down the road and there was still no GPS Signal showing in TomTom, usually I get it just after I pull out of my garage.

I've seen this happen on my old iPhone 3GS except on there my Wi-Fi went along with it. My Wi-Fi is fine and so is my regular signal.

I would buy a bluetooth GPS module but my BlueTooth helmet is currently using that. So the only option I have is to buy a new iPhone...

Is there any kind of fix for this? I already have restored to factory settings, and Google Maps shows the blue dot and a very large permitter surrounding it (around 1.8km)