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    LG HBS-700 not pairing
    Hopefully I am in the right area for this question.
    I have had a HBS-700 for several months now and absolutely love it.
    Had no problems pairing with my iPhone 4S.
    But a couple of weeks ago,when I turned it on it would not pair.
    I just assumed the headset had bit the big one, so I ordered another one off of Amazon.
    The new headset is doing the same thing.

    Turn Bluetooth "on" on iPhone.
    Turn on LG HBS-700, it enters pairing mode automatically.
    HBS-700 displays on iPhone but on the right of the iPhone screen, it says "not paired" while the little "circle" keeps spinning.
    Have also tried holding down the "talk" button on HBS-700 and holding for 4 seconds while turning on the bluetooth headset. This is a secondary way of entering pairing mode per the LG manual.
    It WILL NOT pair with my iPhone!
    If anyone has had a similar issue, I would appreciate any suggestions you might have on how to resolve this issue.

    Thank You

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    I had the same issue, fixed by using the Manual mode for pairing. From the manual:

    2) Manual Pairing (Pairing with another phone or re-pairing)
    a) With the Power off, press the CALL button and move the power switch to the
    ‘ON’ position at the same time for 4 seconds.
    b) When the headset enters Pairing Mode, the LED indicator will show a solid
    blue light. After the procedure repeat Easy Pairing steps c through f.

    Steps C through F are to go to the bluetooth settings area and manually select the HBS-700 for pairing.

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    LG HBS-700 not pairing
    1.Turn off your bluetooth(mac)
    2. When the bluetooth is off, and the power of headset is off, press the "call button" and switch the "on/off" to "on" - as the manual paring instruction.
    3. when the call led turns to solid blue, release the call button. (for my own device, it is about 5 seconds, even though the instruction says it is 4 seconds)
    4. QUICKLY turn your bluetooth(mac) on, and go to set up bluetooth device, then you ll see your LG device in list, QUICKLY select it and click continue.

    Step 1,2 and 4 is very crutial, if you do manual paring when the bluetooth is on, it won't work. for step 4, if you do not do it quickly , it wont work too,


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    Thanks MrBlackBridge, your instructions worked simply and perfectly.

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