installed a program called iLock. It adds adroid-style diagram lockscreen.
It does not make your original password null/void. it just bypasses it.
to upgrade your phone, you need to enter your original password.

I've forgotten my original password.

I tried to access my filesystem, to either find or delete the password information.

I can't access my Filesystem through ifunbox, because it's never been paired with this HDD. And I can't edit the files (but i can see them- in iFile)

if i could just see my password in the kechain-2 file in iFile, i'd put it in. but i'm on 9th try and i can't just guess every "password:______" that's in there so i need to DELETE that file.

ifile wont let you delete, but it lets you see
ifunbox lets you delete but i can't see without pairing the device.