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    Unhappy Can't turn off iTunes Match. Very frustrated...please help.
    I subscribed to iTunes Match only to find that not only did it "match" less then half my library, it turned into a nightmare. I noticed immediately that my iPhone acquired a serious lag when it was turned on...3-7 secs for it to acknowledge that I pushed a button when navigating my music. So i turned it off on my phone and boom, no lag. A couple weeks went by and I decided to give it another chance. Same problem. So I turned it off again. Only this time, even though it said that its off its still on...all matched music is still shown with the option to download it, and the lag was still there. So I tried turning it off on my pc iTunes as well. Did nothing. Out of desperation to somehow fix this through trial and error I turned it back on on my pc iTunes. Thats when it got ugly. As it scanned my library again it changed artist and track names on some albums, deleted album artwork on some, put the wrong album artwork on some, and even deleted a few entire albums that I had downloaded from other sources!

    At this point I am so frustrated I would be willing to pay another $25 just to make it go away. How can I turn this off or better yet, cancel my subscription entirely?

    Thank you for you help and you time.

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    Have you tried calling Apple?
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    Go to this page:

    Apple - iTunes - Match

    Scroll down to the FAQ. I am sure that will help you. There's also an explanatory video to help clear up your confusion.

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