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Thread: iphone 4S Orange UK Unlock help needed

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    iphone 4S Orange UK Unlock help needed
    Hi i have a iphone 4s which is currently locked to orange uk and want the phone to be unlocked officially, does any one on here no of any place which can do it cheapest possiable and how long will it take, i have had a look on ebay and the charge is around £25 for it to be unlocked but can take a few days, help will be appreciated thanks

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    When you called up Orange and asked them what their unlocking policy was, what did they say about it?

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    I personally would stay away from places that offer a service like that from eBay.

    I managed to get my iPhone unlocked from Orange officially directly with them.

    This is where I got the details on how to do it:-

    Local iPhone Repairs in Exeter from a company based in Devon.

    Scroll down to near the bottom of the page there's some instructions on iPhone unlocking, they didn't charge me either for telling me how to do it.

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    Orange charge £20.42 to unlock a phone currently locked to their network.

    There are certain criteria you have to fulfill depending on whether it was PAYG or Pay monthly
    handset unlocking | help & support | Orange UK

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