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    Angry iPhone4 wont connect to device via bluetooth
    I have had never ending problems trying to connect to devices using my iPhone4 bluetooth. The latest was trying to connect to a speaker unit that uses jawbone. My buddy says his connection worked with his bluetooth connected on his iPhone4s 50 feet away. Mine was again 'undiscoverable' at half an inch.

    Having read countless blogs on bluetooth problems it would seem that most of the planet has the same bluetooth grief as me with their iPhone. Has any body got a solution. Perhaps Apple could get back to me so I could spread the news

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    This forum has no connection whatsoever to Apple.

    So, understanding that, are you sure you put the speaker unit's bluetooth into "discovery" or "pairing" mode as per the instructions that came with it?

    Are you sure that the manufacturer warranties that the unit is compatible with the iPhone? You said your buddy had "his connection with his bluetooth" work from 50 feet away, but you didn't specify if you're talking about the same model of speaker unit or not.

    Most of the complaints you claim to have read about are, I would bet serious money, ultimately user error (Bluetooth, having not been developed by Apple, is more confusing than it needs to be. It needs to be like Bonjour). I'm not saying that all cases are, but I've run across very few that didn't end up being because the user was doing something wrong (or the device was never compatible in the first place).

    It helps to remember that the iPhone will not connect/is not compatible with everything that has Bluetooth. The iPhone's Bluetooth is limited to functions it can handle (it doesn't, for example, work with Bluetooth mouses).

    So, to summarize, first thing to do is to find out if in fact the device you're trying to connect is compatible, then ensure that you are properly putting it in discoverable mode, then have your buddy try to make it work on his.

    I have an iPhone 4 and I have paired various Bluetooth headphones and keyboards to it, nothing else.

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