Hi All, Hope you have suggestions about what to try as we've been to the apple store 3 times now and it's an hour away.

My daughter had her iPhone4 replaced at the Apple store about a month ago because she had a bad home button, but we had also noticed that when she plugged into the car speakers from the headphone jack that only the left channel worked, but figured it would be resolved with the new phone. After we got the replacement we plugged it into the car once she'd loaded music and still had only the left working, so we thought it was a bad cord or jack in my car. Then she realized it did the same when she plugged her headphones in. We went yesterday to get it repaired or replaced again, they said they couldn't repair so they kindly replaced. Excellent! We figured we were golden until she loaded music again with the exact same results! No sound from the right.

My question is, do you think this is a hardware or software problem? She has restored from backups each time as she doesn't want to lose anything. Do you think we have to do a clean start and not restore from back up? If so how can she get most of her stuff back on the way she likes it? I'd be grateful for any advice or experience with this problem and resolution.
Thanks in advance!