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    Turning off iPhone/iPod timer sounds
    I have an iPod (G1) and an iPhone 4s...

    I use the clock timer function and both are different. However they both have something I cannot sort out.

    I would like to use the timer WITHOUT having an alarm noise and WITHOUT putting the iDevice to sleep (which appears to be the only solution.)

    There is no obvious off button. When I re-touch the check mark it doesn't deselect.

    (I assume the only way around it would be to add my own sound file... of silence (is golden.

    Or am I missing something obvious here?

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    By strange coincidence, a buddy of mine and I found the solution to this exact same question just tonight.

    The question of alarms is simple: set the iPhone to mute (or select a soft sound and keep the volume very low, or as you say create a "ringtone" of silence).

    The question of using a timer and stopping the iPhone (even the screen) from going to sleep is found in settings: General -> Auto-Lock -> Never

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