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    iPhone not working?
    Well i tried replacing my home button on my iphone 4. I successfully did so except there were a couple of problems once i turned it back on.

    1. When i was about to put the home button on, the little thing that the flex cable goes into (shown in this video, skip to 0:18 - iPhone 4 Homebutton Installation - YouTube) snapped off

    2. When i turned it on, my home button still didn't work

    3. when i turned it on, my touch screen did not work at all

    i think i did something with the digitilizer or lcd screen. and now, because i wanted to keep fixing it... i pryed the screen and when i took it off, you can see cracks and stuff in it so now my iphone doesn't turn on at all...

    i have no idea what to do, my warranty is up and i didn't get insurance on it. i don't want a 4s because of all the problems with it and i don't want a different phone. the iphone 4 is discontinued in 16 and 32g and an 8g is way too little.

    what should i do? whats wrong with my phone?

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    There are private companies that fix iPhones, or you might be able to find a person to fix it for you.
    Try looking on eBay for used iPhones and find ones people fix themselves. See if you can find one in your area.
    If you live in almost any urban area there should be a company somewhere that may be able to help.

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