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    Unhappy Phone Icon Missing
    I have an iphone 3g running on IOS 4.2.1 firmware 06.15.00, it is jailbroken and i tried to restore it in itunes because i was going to sell it....well it got stuck in recovery mode and i fixed that using redsn0w but now my phone icon is missing and it is nowhere to be found! And when i go into my contacts it doesnt give the option to call them or anything. I installed SBSettings and i managed to get the phone icon back somehow but then the phone reset itself and now its gone again and i cant get it back, i really dont even know how to use SBSettings lol. Can anyone help?? Oh and i dont have an active sim to put in the phone to try out anything, i just want the icon back.

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    Restore it to factory settings via iTunes. Then try the whole process again from scratch.

    The thing with jailbreaking is that there are bugs. There is no guarantee these bugs will ever be fixed - so if this doesnt fix it, you might just be stuck with it.

    SB settings, once installed, will give you extra options inside the "Settings" app.
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    That worked! Thank you so much! I was afraid to try to restore it again, i was scared it would go into recovery mode again and then i would be back at square 1.....but it worked! And the phone is still jailbroken.... I thought if you restored it, it would get rid of the jailbreak?? Also, it was unlocked before, do you think it will still be unlocked too? I dont have a way to check it, i dont have a different SIM to try it out :0(.


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