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    Lifeproof iPhone 4 case
    I finally met somebody who owned the case. He didn't seem to have any input on it, but did let me look at it for a minute. That prompted me to buy it. Now I have one regret.

    85$ after taxes is a lot!! My wife and I Plan on white water rafting a few times this spring. It would be nice to use a helmet mount to tape those trips.

    Anybody use the phone for that reason?

    Typing this on my phone has shown me that it's not as sensitive to my fingers, I can tell there's a slight air space between the plastic screen and my phones screen. I find myself hitting the spots harder to get a response.

    I had my iphone4 for a few days. Cracked the screen and had the otter box on ever since. It works fine, knowing its not water proof and everything. So I have a competent case without this expensive monster.

    I'm hoping for some good stories on the taping of an outdoor trip to help me in deciding to keep this case. I have looked at the videos on the manufacturers web page already.

    P.S. if I return the case my present to my self is going to 16gb of crucial ram for my iMac... Only 10$ more than the case. Crazyi know.

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    There are specific sports cameras and helmet cams that are MUCH better suited to the task you're talking about and don't cost nearly as much if they get destroyed:

    GoPro Products - Record & Share Your Most Memorable Moments

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    I have one and it broke after about 4 months and they are sending me a new one for free. I have used it and i have done some tests. I highly recommend it.
    Here are some of my videos:
    Lifeproof water test - YouTube
    Lifeproof iPhone case - YouTube
    iPhone 4 water test - YouTube

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