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    work vs home iTunes account
    Hello new member here so forgive any dumb moves or questions!
    Okay, have new iPhone 4s but use my home iMac to sync with, work is a pc unfortunately! What is the best way to keep my work calendar and contacts etc synced with my phone and not get duplicates etc or changing to the pc for syncing?

    What is trackbacks i see below?

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    Sync'ing with multiple PC's will cause you a lot of annoyances because with each sync when you go back and forth you'll get messages about the iPhone being synced with another PC/Library and do you want to sync with the current PC/Mac..

    I find it a lot easier to sync with just my iMac at home..before iCloud, I had use Google contact/calendar to sync up easily.

    I also have my work account hooked up and it's own calendar as well. Now I'm trying to move over to iCloud instead of Google and that's working OK too..
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    Are you using office at work? if so what is the move to get google calendar to sync up on the pc and then to the cloud. The settings combinations is confusing and getting the duplicates really blows

    thanks for any advice

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    From what the OP says, it sounds to me like making his iTunes account an iCloud account would solve the problem nicely.

    You don't want to use your PC for charging, however; get a spare wall charger for that.

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